Artist Story - Jenny Watt

September 11, 2017

Artist Story - Jenny Watt

Meet Jenny Watt, the amazing lady behind Jenz Studio. Jenny's studio is located in Te Puna, Tauranga where her team of talented individuals (including husband Tom) work hard creating her beautifully designed range of ceramics. 
Tom and Jen live, work, and play together. At work, Tom takes care of the practical/technical aspects of running a ceramics studio, and Jen the creative side of things. At home, they’re working on renovating their sunny 70s-style home, just walking distance from the studio in Te Puna, Tauranga.
When they’re not working, Tom goes motocross riding or fishing, and Jen (happiest with a paintbrush in hand), enjoys painting and home décor/DIY projects. They also like water sports, snow skiing, and spending a long weekend or two in their caravan at the remote Otautu bay, Coromandel.
They met and married in Tauranga 10 years ago, both originally from rural families.
Jen initially pursued a career in the hospitality industry, but went on to set up their studio after enjoying a part-time job she had making plant pots at a local pottery. Tom also eventually left his managing position at a local car auction business to help with the growing demand for their ceramics.
In addition to their original Jenz Studio hand crafted art tiles, Tom and Jen now design and source other special ceramic home wares that they can’t make themselves. The new range is made overseas, and comes under their new brand George & Co.

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