Glenn Jones Art- December release

Glenn Jones Art

You can now get your monthly dose of 'sweet as' right here at Texan Art Schools. Each month we will be showcasing completely new art prints by Aotearoas's master of contemporary Kiwiana, Glenn Jones. 

We like to imagine the inner workings of Glenn's inventive mind as something akin to a whirring, image processing, tick-tocking mystery... much like one of Willy Wonka's exciting machines! In goes the sugar and out come everlasting gobstoppers. 

But instead Glenn draws raw material from his own life experiences, a life lived in New Zealand, celebrating local, shared moments which he cleverly digests into engaging images.   

Sometimes Glenn's use of iconography is as broad reaching as a pohutukawa tree in bloom and other times its so specifically located that you cant help but yelp with excitement when you recognise that silhouette of a playground you visited many years ago. This might be the power of Glenn's art, his playful use of icons so very unmistakable that they touch the hearts of us with a force that only a bolt of true nostalgia could achieve. We picture Glenn's mind as the complex lolly machine for another reason and that's his ability to produce works at a frequency we cant sometimes fathom! Where some artists might ruminate on an single idea for a month, Glenn will have created a whole body of works in the same period of time. We find this so exciting and are thrilled to be able to bring you new art prints fresh from Glenn's studio each month.

What a novelty!

Visit any of our stores to see Glenn's freshest range in A4 and A3 sizes. Or follow us here as we reveal Glenn's newest works each month and the inspirations behind them.

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