BOWL- Kina, Snack size, White

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BOWL- Kina, Snack size, White

Perfectly modelled off the Kina or Sea Urchin found a long the coasts of New Zealand. This cute bowl would perfectly suit everyday use as a dipping bowl, snack bowl, or as a sweet sea inspired ornament. 


13cm across x 6cm tall

This bowl is available in a clear white glaze only. We have zero stock of the reactive glaze pictured.

You are purchasing the smaller of the Kina bowls pictured. We have zero stock in the medium bowl pictured.



*This item must be picked up in store and can not be freighted due to the fact that we are down to our last pieces and do not want to risk breakage via courier.

*Please note that we are down to our very last peices of table ware by the iconic Studio Ceramics. Studio Ceramics has closed its doors after decades of service creating wonderful New Zealand inspired ceramic ware. 


Studio Ceramics:

“Each piece is handled by highly skilled people, each putting their soul into every product. This gives each piece its individuality.”

“Our continued survival will depend on the public recognising the quality of our product, its handmade nature and the fact that it is not massed produced overseas.”

Phillipa- Studio Ceramics



 Studio Ceramics is located in the leafy suburb of Glen Eden. This homegrown NZ business is owned by husband and wife team Ken and Phillipa Croft. Ken originally from Wellington and Phillipa from Christchurch are now most definitely “Westies”. Studio Ceramics has been manufacturing in NZ for the passed 23 years and is comprised of a team of very talented individuals with years of ceramic making experience between them. Their mould maker Bruce came from Crown Lynn and is an artisan in his own right. It is with his original carvings that the manufacturing process begins. 

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