INDAHOOD- Infinity, Ponga, Azure

100% NZ Merino Jersey - Weight 170gsm - Micron 20.5
Ponga is about as Kiwi as it comes, New Zealand’s moist forests are ideal fern habitat and a whopping 200 species grow here.  And none are more famous or prized than our Silver Fern!  “Ponga” to the Maori who used it as food, medicine and building material.   In more recent years Silver fern has come to represent the sporting spirit of New Zealand and this distinctly New Zealand symbol is worn like a badge of honour by the people, products and services of this great country. 

This fun hooded wrap is a scarf, a shawl and a hoodie all in one!  Lightweight and amazingly versatile. The perfect accessory for both indoors and out and a lifesaver on that trip away when you’re not quite sure what to pack for the weather. Offering extra snuggle when it’s chilly or for a little ‘casual chic’ any time you won’t want to leave home without it.