Fantail Tassel KEY RING

This beautiful Key Ring with a rose and gold Tassel and gorgeous Fantail Trinket are absolutely stunning. It makes a perfect Gift and is a very stylish souvenir to take back home. A great addition to any set of keys. Kiwiana Key Ring Dimensions including Split-Ring and Tassel: 13.2cm x 2.9cm, width of Tassel measures 1.5cm. Trinket is 100% iron with soft enamel. 

Jenny Chan is the inspirational lady behind the NZ quality focused accessories company DQ & Co. "I am passionate about art and painting it informs all my designs at DQ & Co. I am self-taught but I have always been creative". When she first launched DQ&co in 2003 it was simply due to what she describes as a calling, or a need to help to make the world a more positive filled place. "We wanted to share our passion so we began designing a cool, cute and unique range of inspirational gifts to spread a little love and happiness. We quickly recognized so many other opportunities in the marketplace for us to add our funky flavours and offbeat designs."