'Oil Chic' Art Print, A4

Media: Fine Art Print on archival 100% cotton paper 

Print size: A4 Fine art print signed by Tara

"Oil Chic ,2016 was inspired by the catastrophic grounding of the container ship, MV Rena, on the Astrolabe reef, off the coast of Tauranga in 2011. The event was New Zealand’s worst ever maritime disaster. Although tens of thousands of marine lives were (and still are) affected, among the worst have been the little blue penguins. Weighing just 1 kg, they are the world’s smallest penguin and are a protected and declining species in New Zealand. In response, some communities rallied together to knit sweaters for these penguins. The idea was to keep the oil-soaked birds warm and prevent preening and ingestion of the toxic substances until they could be put through treatment. Although this effort has been deemed impractical by New Zealand wildlife centres as they have more suitable and less distressing facilities for the same purpose, I was inspired by the idea of making things for animals to wear to help them survive in the face of new or unnatural threats." - Tara

Tara Cassidy

Tara Cassidy is an Auckland based artist specializing in pencil work of native New Zealand species. Tara's interest in the environment led her to persue further study in the field however she found it to be unfulfilling and decided to follow her passion of creating art instead. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Art's at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and continues to enjoy the freedom of creating her own practice where her interest of the environment is evident in each of her pieces. Tara began working under one of our most loved and establised artists Angie Dennis where they bonded over their love for the enivronment and their passion of art. Angie regognised Tara's talent and they have since been working together to help establish Tara with an independant art practice.