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RING-Double Band Crossover, Stainless Steel

You will love the lightness of this range of rose gold stainless steel jewellery by Sparkle. The warmth of the rose gold metal suits all skin colours and being stainless steel means this jewellery is completely hypoallergenic. We are in love with stainless steel jewellery for its durability, low maintenance care and affordability.

Learn more about stainless steel jewellery:

With its bright finish and its resistance to tarnish, is an increasingly popular choice of metal for fashion jewellery. For any person who requires a hypo-allergenic finish and a non-reactive surface, it is the metal of choice. Stainless steel is strong enough for daily use as household objects and industrial parts, and this same strength makes it an excellent choice of material for jewellery. Its resistance to scratching allows jewellers to create attractive brushed or etched finishes that will retain their beauty for years. Stainless steel, an alloy of iron, carbon, chromium, and traces of other metals, is highly resistant to rust or corrosion.


“We are made up of three family members who love the sea. Our office is strategically located beside a lovely beach in Wellington, providing us with surf, sun and the perfect spot to eat lunch. We have been wholesaling jewellery for over 20 years, specialising in quality sterling silver and fashion jewellery. We are passionate about sourcing and supplying the best contemporary fashion accessories in an ever changing market.”

Sparkle is a Wellington based, family owned and operated wholesale jewellery and accessory company. Grant and Melanie have been operating Sparkle for many years, passionately seeking the best designs the world has to offer and curating them for a New Zealand audience. Recently they were joined by their daughter who is a talented design student with a great eye for youthful contemporary designs. We love working with this friendly and talented group of individuals and admire their commitment to providing Kiwi’s with quality, contemporary jewellery and accessories.

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