Stalagmite Ring Holder- 5

The perfect little gift for jewellery lovers. These ceramic ring holders are completely hand made here in NZ. They are not only adorable but a very practical way of storing you rings. Keep one on your kitchen window sill for holding rings while cooking/washing. Or on your bed side table where you can pop your rings at the end of the night. Measure aprox 6-8 cm.

Surround yourself with what you love... “We hope to inspire and uplift through our work. Passing inspiration and beauty from one person to another.” Richie and Adele have been with us here at Texan Art Schools for years now and we adore them! Their positive philosophies and attention to detail are evident in their beautiful hand made pieces. They believe that we can all make positive changes to the world by the choices we make every day. Borrowed Earth are committed to creating handmade ceramics with character that, over time, will become treasured family pieces. The creative duo work full time from their beautiful waterside studio in Whangaparoa. “We take pride in creating new ways to share our unique view of the world, honoring our Maori, Pacific and English heritage.”