About us

The Journey so far ................

Texan was founded more than 20 years ago by two adventurous mums, as a unique forum for artists and designers graduating from Tech and Art Schools to show-case and make a living from selling work. That's where our name came from, its a bit of a play on words: Get it? Tech n’ Art schools - say it 3 times quickly!

From those bold beginnings to nowadays, Texan stores represent over 100 artists with thousands of different items on our shelves.

Our philosophy we live by is about Giving, Inspiring and Growing

Give: giving a gift to someone or maybe to yourself brings happiness and that is the ultimate in life - to be happy!

Inspire: inspiring is what we set out to do every day for our customers and our wonderful teams. Our products come from inspired artists using their talents and by sharing this inspiration we hope that in some little way it can be the catalyst for something bigger for you.

Grow: growing our awesome and unique company is the path we are on. We are driven to grow our people, suppliers and customers into achieving all they dream of.

Give, Inspire and Grow - Thanks for making our journey, part of yours