Tania Mallow

“I love seeing a piece of Jewellery come to fruition. From an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper to forming it and eventually giving it a final polish, is a really fun process” 
Tania Mallow has had a fascination for creating small things from a young age when she used to potter in her Dad’s garage with bits of wire and beads, often re-creating existing jewellery pieces in to something new. Tania began her Jewellery making path in earnest after completing a Full time Jewellery making course in 2000. She went on to work in the Jewellery industry for a further 10 years during which time she gained knowledge and skills in traditional Jewellery making and Gold smithing.
During this time Tania began making a small range of Sterling Silver and gemstone Jewellery which she continues to do today from her Studio at her home in Beachlands, Auckland.
Her work is particularly inspired by shapes, textures and patterns-particularly those found in nature, and these elements are reflected in her designs.   
“My biggest challenges with sustaining a creative practice have been juggling the marketing, accounts, design and production alongside full time work. But I actually love the challenge of productivity! Its really rewarding to see all my creations lined up at the end of a hard days work at the bench.
Also  knowing that people are out there in the world wearing my jewellery is amazing and very humbling! It gives me such a buzz when I meet a random stranger and notice that they are wearing one of my creations.”
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